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I created Intentional Leadership to help others strengthen their leadership, identify their true gifts, use their voice for good, and to create inspired action. As I teach professional development and leadership, I have learned to say that Leadership starts in your home first. If you aren't a hero in your own home, how can you be a hero in the community, or even in the world? Servant leadership is a core value that I hold near and dear to my heart. True leadership is about serving others and connecting heart to heart.

For many years, I have helped Entrepreneurs launch their business and guide Executive Leaders into advanced leadership roles in the marketplace. It is through preparation that we are most successful. Vince Lombardi was quoted saying, "Perfect practice makes perfect." I encourage leaders to continue to perfect their craft and continue to study to become great leaders. The more you study yourself, the more you truly know yourself. This will help you grow in fortitude, ganas and grit. Life will provide challenges and obstacles that will help you learn and grow. As a servant leader, you will lead with humbleness and humility.

In Servant Leadership,

Leena Mendoza

Leena Mendoza

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