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In the ever-evolving landscape of the business world, I embarked on a transformative journey that led me to establish my Intentional Leadership Executive & Business Coaching practice. My path to this endeavor was paved with personal and professional experiences that ignited my passion for leadership development and coaching.

My journey began as a young professional eager to climb the corporate ladder. Like many, I was driven by ambition and a desire for success. However, as I progressed in my career, I began to realize that leadership was more than just a title; it was a profound responsibility. I witnessed firsthand the impact of leaders who operated without intention, often causing disengagement, frustration, and missed opportunities within their teams and organizations.

This realization was a turning point in my career. I embarked on a quest to understand the essence of effective leadership. I delved into extensive research, sought mentors, and engaged in leadership development programs. Along the way, I discovered the concept of "intentional leadership."

Intentional leadership is not about simply occupying a leadership position; it's about purposefully and mindfully guiding individuals and organizations towards success. It involves self-awareness, empathy, effective communication, and a commitment to fostering growth in oneself and others.

My newfound passion for intentional leadership led me to explore the world of coaching. I became an executive and business coach, equipped with the tools and knowledge to help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential through intentional leadership practices. I realized that coaching was the vehicle through which I could make a meaningful impact on the lives of others and the success of businesses.

With this vision in mind, I founded my Intentional Leadership Executive & Business Coaching practice. My mission is to empower leaders, from seasoned executives to emerging talents, to become intentional in their leadership approach. I believe that when leaders lead with intention, they create thriving work environments, foster innovation, and drive sustainable success.

Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and customized leadership development programs, I am dedicated to helping my clients discover their unique leadership style, set clear goals, and navigate the complexities of today's business world with purpose and authenticity.

As I continue on this journey, I am inspired by the transformative impact intentional leadership can have on individuals and organizations. My executive and business coaching practice is not just a career choice; it's a calling to make a positive difference in the world of business and leadership. I look forward to walking alongside my clients as they embrace intentional leadership and achieve their highest aspirations.

With gratitude,

Leena Mendoza

Leena Mendoza


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