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Leena Mendoza is the Founder of Intentional Leadership. She is a Business Coach who guides Entrepreneurial Leaders to create, establish, and launch their business.  She is highly sought out after for her ability to help others go from idea to implementation, help clarify the vision of their business, and holds them accountable. When leading a team with vision, she shares the importance of aligning your purpose, setting goals, strategic planning, and developing collaborative partnership for business growth. She has a successful track record of guiding others to reach their full potential.


Leena Mendoza is a proud mother and believes that is her most important role.  She believes that being a “Hero In Your Home First”, is where leadership begins.  She is committed to developing Entrepreneurial and Executive Leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the training necessary for personal, professional and purposeful growth.  She founded Intentional Leadership to motivate thousands of people to take charge of their life and live intentionally.  Her educational background includes a M.S in Counseling, B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Gerontology and Criminology. 



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